The Coaching Complex: How the Average Athlete is Adversely Affected by Their Coach’s Expectations

By Jessica Tolmie – March 9, 2015 (9.55 am)

In the life of every athlete, there comes a point when you must choose between playing because you have fun and you enjoy the game, or playing because you are serious about the sport and you want to achieve certain goals. At this particular point, you transition from the childhood of your sporting past and take a brave leap toward your adult sporting career. During this transition, you may lose many things; one certain loss will be your spare time, another likely loss will be that of your social life.

However, you definitely shouldn’t lose your love of the game. Without that internal driving force, you may as well lose your skillful talent, your knowledge about the game, and your hours of preparation. Just remember that you’ll never reach your true potential unless your love of the game has remained intact during your transition.

You need to be willing to sacrifice nearly everything you’ll ever want for that one chance in the spotlight. And when you are staring into the eyes of the coach who is paying your way through university, and they now own you, be sure to understand that they will devote their every day to challenging the strength of your will.


The Price of Being Strong: Mental Health for Athletes

By Jessica Tolmie – March 6, 2015 (8.58 pm)

Here’s an interesting fact:

“There have been many articles reporting that brain ailments in U.S. soldiers have been found to be similar to those found in athletes. The neurodegeneration associated with these injuries correlate heavily with mental health symptoms.”

Psychology Today is refusing to ignore mental health issues within the athletic community, posting this report about the mental health risks associated with sports.

Girl Power: Women in Division I Collegiate Athletics

By Jessica Tolmie – March 4, 2015 (8.47 pm)

Here’s a piece for the female athletes among us, or the supporters of female student athletes. Welcome to the Big Show talks about privilege, as it exists amongst genders in college athletics. But this post also discusses privileged treatment and how that varies between athletes and non-athletes on campus.


A+ Athletes Podcast: Getting to Know Sahalie Doe

By Sarah Hayes & Jessica Tolmie – March 2, 2015 (8.34 am)

Listen to our latest podcast, as we sit down with ISU student athlete Sahalie Doe, and discuss some of the fundamentals of being a student athlete. Still in her freshman year, Sahalie took us through sports and academics to give us an idea of her average day. The life of a student athlete includes a busy schedule and high expectations, something Sahalie now understands very well.